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Friday, October 06, 2006

Gene therapy can be a savior!

A 41-year old melanoma patient was saved from the clutch of death with the help of gene therapy. Thomas May, was suffering from advanced- stage of melanoma when he underwent an experimental gene therapy along with another 16 melanoma patients. Melanoma is referred to a condition of tumor of the melanocytes, which is located in the bottom of the Skin’s epidermis. Although the results of this are not conclusive, scientists believe that gene therapy can control the growth of tumor cells significantly.

Gene therapy is a technique which is used to repair the dysfunctional gene by inserting a right model of the repaired gene into the body by the use of vectors. This therapy is gaining momentum in the field of medicine and its scope is very wide as it can be used to treat a number of diseases that are incurable by drugs. Researchers who are in the process of finding a cure to cancer are looking closely at gene therapy and hope that this technique could eventually turn out to be a savior against cancer.

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