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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Female smokers are at greater risk to lung cancer than male smokers

Shangai Daily- Female smokers are three times as likely to contract lung cancer as men who smoke the same amount of cigarettes, a local doctor told a gathering of medical experts this week, the start of World Lung cancer Awareness month. Dr Liao Meilin from Shanghai Chest Hospital says she studied 20,000 women in Shanghai for two years, tracking their lifestyle and smoking habits, as well as medical histories. She also tracked a control group of men in the city so she could compare cancer rates. A report on her findings that females who smoke are more susceptible to lung cancer than men was recently awarded top prize at the country's Ninth Clinical Oncology Meeting in Beijing. A national oncology journal is expected to publish a paper on her findings in the near future. The number of local women who light up has risen significantly over the past six years, according to the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention. About five percent of women in the city smoked in 2000, and that number has risen to nine percent at present, according to the center.


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