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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Early warning signs and symptoms of cancer

There are many early warning signs to different types of cancer and here is a list of them, which is by no means, a complete list of symptoms. Consult your physician immediately if you experience any unusual symptoms, like the ones listed below,
Bladder and Kidney Cancer: You may see blood in urine, have pain or burning, and increased urination.
Breast Cancer: Lump or thickening of lumps, itching, redness or soreness of the nipples which isn't caused by pregnancy, breast feeding, or menstruation.

Cervical, Endometrial, and Uterine Cancer: Bleeding between menstrual cycles, any unusual discharge, painful menstruation, and heavy periods require consultation with your physician.

Colon Cancer: Rectal bleeding, blood in your stool or changes in bowel habits such as persistent diarrhea and or constipation are warning signs which should be investigated promptly.

Laryngeal Cancer: A persistent cough or a hoarse throat is a possible sign that you may experience.

Leukemia: Paleness, fatigue, weight loss, repeated infections, nosebleeds, bone or joint pain, and easy bruising are possible warning signs of Leukemia which should be investigated.

Lung Cancer: A persistent cough; sputum with blood; heavy chest and or chest pain.

Lymphoma: Enlarged, rubbery lymph nodes, itchy skin, night sweats, unexplained fever and weight loss indicate possible Lymphoma, discuss these symptoms with your physician.

Mouth and Throat Cancer: Any chronic ulcer (sore) of the mouth, tongue or throat which doesn't heal, or white areas in the mouth should be seen by your physician.

Ovarian Cancer: Unfortunately there are often no symptoms until it's in the later stages of development.

Pancreatic Cancer: There usually are no symptoms until it has progressed to the later stages when you may notice jaundiced skin and there may be pain deep in the stomach or back.

Skin Cancer: If you have moles that change color, size, or appearance, or flat sores (lesions that look like moles), a tumor or lump under the skin that resembles a wart or an ulceration that never heals, these are symptoms that should bring you quickly to your physician’s office.

Stomach Cancer: Vomiting blood or experiencing frequent indigestion and pain after eating, weight loss may indicate stomach cancer.


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