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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dichloroacetates - A Possible Cure for Cancer!

Dichloroacetic acid, abbreviated as DCA, is an analogue of acetic acid and the salts and esters of this chemical compound are called dichloroacetates. Researchers at University of Alberta in Canada, have discovered that dichloroacetates can be used to treat cancer tumors in the lung, breast and the brain, without any side effects. Trials on rats have shown that the dichloroacetates inhibits the growth of tumors and shrinks it by 70%, without causing any side effects.

Currently, the researchers at University of Alberta are planning to conduct clinical trials on cancer patients, using DCA, to establish the effect of this compound on humans. They intend to secure the funds required for this trail from the public and not from the pharmaceutical companies, so that the drug can be available inexpensively to the patients in need, after it passes the clinical trials successfully.

This news clip from ‘Global National’, throws more light on this research,

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