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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Breast Thermography – A new tool for early detection of breast cancer!

Breast Thermography or Digital Infrared Imaging is a technique that is based on the principle that metabolic activity and vascular circulation in both pre-cancerous tissue and the area surrounding a developing breast cancer is almost always higher than in normal breast tissue. In an ever-increasing need for nutrients, cancerous tumors increase circulation to their cells by holding open existing blood vessels, opening dormant vessels, and creating new ones. This process frequently results in an increase in regional surface temperatures of the breast. DII uses ultra-sensitive medical infrared cameras and sophisticated computers to detect, analyze, and produce high-resolution diagnostic images of these temperature variations. Because of DII’s extreme sensitivity, these temperature variations may be among the earliest signs of breast cancer and/or a pre-cancerous state of the breast. (Source:

This technique is FDA approved, non-invasive, non-radioactive and painless and can help in detecting breast cancer much earlier than other established techniques like mammography. This news story from CBS News talks in detail about ‘Breast Thermography’ and the need for women to know more about this new technology.

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