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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Too much of alcohol doubles the risk of breast cancer!

Women, who drink the equivalent of roughly two bottles of wine over a weekend more than double their risk of breast cancer, say Danish researchers.

A study of 17,647 nurses found twice the risk of breast cancer in women who drank 22-27 drinks a week compared with those who drank one to three drinks.

The risk was greatest when drinks were consumed in a short period, reported the European Journal of Public Health. Experts said women should try and limit the amount of alcohol they drank.

Women in the study were aged over 44, and most drank a moderate amount of alcohol. A drink was classed as a bottle of a glass of wine or spirit, which in Denmark is roughly 12g of alcohol. .

More than a quarter of the women drank more than the recommended 14 drinks a week. One in 10 were week-day binge drinkers, having more than four drinks a day and 13% were weekend binge drinkers, defined as more than 10 drinks between Friday and Sunday.

There was a 2% increased risk of breast cancer for each additional drink consumed, but at weekends there was a 4% increased risk with each additional drink.

The researchers said this was because more drinks were likely to be consumed in a weekend drinking session.

Drinking 22-27 drinks over the course of the week was linked to a 130% increased risk. Those who drank excessively on just one day during the week increased their risk by 55%.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Quitting is hard, but …..?

There could be many reasons for not quitting smoking, but there are many more reasons for why we should and this short clip talks about them.

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